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Power and Energy, which are at the heart of any country’s infrastructure, occupy the center-stage in India’s booming economy today. Many historical and traditional factors have impacted these sectors, which are in the throes of deep structural changes.

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Benefit from knowledge, experience and talent

Synergy Publications, with its growing talent pool of domain experts and specialists in the power and energy sectors, is positioned to transform the two vital infrastructural areas with its targeted offerings.

Through its bouquet of products and specialized services, Power & Energy eNewsletter, Power & Energy Magazine, Power Energy Research Report, Power Energy Directory, Events, Synergy Publications seeks to cater to the requirements of all stakeholders

Synergy Publications, founded by a technocrat, is backed by a team of industry experts with deep knowledge and decades of experience in the power and energy sectors. Its senior management comprises seasoned experts in the fields of education & training, publishing, media and allied sectors.